Scientific panic about Answers in Genesis Creation Museum opening

I was fascinated by a report from the BBC, rebroadcast on Australia’s News Radio this morning, about the new Creation Museum just opened in Kentucky by AnswersInGenesis. I don’t want to discuss the creation versus evolution debate just now. Rather, what struck me about the interview with a spokesperson from New Scientist magazine, was the evangelical fervour with which the museum was rubbished by this “objective scientist”. It brought to mind the anti-religion diatribe by Richard Dawkins recently rebroadcast on ABC television. I wrote elsewhere about the sheer embarassment caused by Dawkins and his The God Delusion to scientists and even his fellow atheists.

The BBC reporter remarked about just how religious the New Scientist person seemed. Listening to his tone of voice as he used such emotive words as ‘dangerous’ and ‘lies’, and made statements like “every scientist in the world believes the earth is 5 million years old, give or take a few million“, one could hear the beginnings of a panic attack within the ‘scientific’ media. I wonder what Ken Ham of AiG would make of those error bars? It’s not very far from saying 5 million years +0/-4.994 million years.

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One Response to Scientific panic about Answers in Genesis Creation Museum opening

  1. Stephen Simmonds says:

    This planet is actually approx 4.5 billion years old – not million – and is about halfway through its life, going by the pure physics of the sun’s life cycle.

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